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Whether you are elite, developing, or aiming to complete your first triathlon or ironman, we will be with you every step of the way

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Performance Coaching

From an initial consultation, and regular contact, we'll get to know you as a person, your aims, and how we can support you to achieve success. We believe the coach-athlete relationship is at the core of an effective partnership, and work hard to develop and maintain this to enable you to succeed.

As such, through regular contact you'll get to know your performance team, Dr Laurence Birdsey and Bethan Birdsey, who will support you in your journey.

Having worked with triathletes winning ITU World Triathlon Series events, qualifying for the Olympic Games, aiming for age-group success and amateurs completing Olympic distance, half-ironman and ironman distance triathlons, underpinned by a PhD in training science, you can be confident in working with us to achieve your goals.

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Triathlon Plans

Developed by our performance team, Dr Laurence Birdsey and Bethan Birdsey, based upon a strong evidence-base and our experience of working with a wide range of professional developing and amateur triathletes, you can be confident that these programmes will help you achieve your aims.

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Stay Tuned

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