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Bike Against a Yellow Wall
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Our mission is to support individuals of all abilities to develop, improve and achieve their aims, through providing world class performance support, tailored just for you.


Through building an effective coach-athlete relationship, underpinned by trust, we work with you to develop and implement a truly bespoke, effective training plan that works for you.


We work with you to develop and implement a high quality, detailed training plan based on training science, that incorporates physiotherapy support at the start, to keep you injury free, doing more of what you love, providing you the opportunity to achieve success.


We have extensive experience supporting and coaching elite athletes through our work with the Great Britain Cycling Team endurance squads, UCI World Tour Cyclists, World Champion triathlete, England pathway and senior football teams and Team GB.


We combine both physiotherapy and physiology to create a bespoke, individualised plan, whether on foot, in the pool or on the bike to achieve your goals.

Unlike others, we only coach a small number of athletes at one time, providing truly individualised, world class coaching.

Having supported the World's best athletes through three Olympic cycles, we offer the same World class support to help athletes at all levels improve and achieve success.


Our training programmes bring together our extensive experience of working with a wide range of elite and development athletes. No matter what programme you choose, you can be assured your programme is tailored to meet your aims, supported by the best evidence-base and there to help you achieve your goals.


As we believe that understanding WHY you are doing your training is as important as the training itself, each programme comes with detailed explanations.  Your programme will include sport specific training as well as a physiotherapy programme to help you keep you injury free and doing the training you love.

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We design and tailor a training programme with you, for you. Utilising the best evidence-base and our extensive experience,  we work with you to support you to achieve your goals.

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An evidence and practice-based training programme, tailored to your aims, to keep you training and on track to achieve your goals.

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Our team have a wealth of experience supporting elite, development and amateur athletes and work with you to achieve your aims.


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Bethan Birdsey

Founder & Physiotherapist


Dr Laurence Birdsey

Founder, Performance Coach & Physiologist

I feel very lucky to be working with such a knowledgeable and experienced coach like Laurence, he's applied his extensive scientific knowledge to provide me with a tailored and structured program. Laurence's personable approach means that we work well as a team to adapt to any changes to get the best possible outcomes, it's great to have a coach like this on my side!

Charlie Tanfield - Great Britain Cycling Team and Saint Piran Professional Cycling Team

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