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My journey back to fitness.

I am currently five months post partum with my second child and starting what feels like a very long road back to some resemblance of fitness. I had Edith 2 and a half years ago and managed to get back to exercise fairly quickly. This time round has been more challenging. I am not an elite athlete, but enjoy exercising both for the physical and mental aspects. I breastfed both (I'd need about a year to write about the challenges of this!) and with that comes its own difficulties, the changes in hormones have caused me problems with my knees and back which has meant i've had to draw on my own expertise and Laurences to help me. It has however been tough, I want to be where I left off and not to have to start again; and sometimes I do something stupid and run too hard and injure myself, because I don't listen to my own advice!

So this month I set myself a challenge - run 100km. I'm not sure this is achievable but I have a plan in place and a goal to get too, both of which I find extremely useful.

As I write this I have 19 days left and have completed 29km! I will keep you updated.

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