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New year, new goal...

Updated: Jan 2

2024 Brings the start of The Complete Athlete: bringing world class performance support to athletes of all levels to improve and succeed

Having supported a wide range of athletes, from developing youth athletes, to serial Olympic medalists, and across a wide range of sports including running, triathlon and cycling, we're excited to now bring our support to athletes, individuals and teams of all levels!


We've been fortunate to have worked with some of the World's best athletes, coaches and practitioners since 2013, which has hugely impacted our philosophies, beliefs and approaches. We've applied this to professional and Olympic standard sport, working in some fantastic performance support teams, and effectively supporting athletes to achieve success.

However, at The Complete Athlete, we want everyone, no matter what standard you are, or what your aims are, to be able to receive world class support. And that is our aim: to bring world performance class support to individuals, athletes and teams of all abilities, to help you develop, improve and succeed.

Our approach

We believe that the coach-athlete relationship is critical, and all too often ignored at all standards of support. Over-engineered training plans are "prescribed" to athletes, who are expected to complete them to the letter, and in doing so improve. However, we know, from working with the best, that this isn't an effective strategy, or remotely realistic!

We will take time to get to you know, to build an effective coach-athlete relationship, and develop a partnership to help you achieve your aims.

So, here's to 2024, where we will continue to work with Olympians and World Champions, and look forward to working with a wide range of individuals. Whether for your next ironman distance triathlon, cycling event, or marathon, you can be assured that The Complete Athlete will have you and your needs at the centre.

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